Airbrush Learning Center

Airbrush Learning Center

Paint and Powder Cosmetics is the artist’s one-stop shopping location for professional choices in airbrush systems, airbrush makeup, and airbrush tools and accessories.  Our product selection is chosen based upon our resident Emmy Award winning makeup artist’s decades of experience in employing the airbrush for her clean beauty and correction work in film and television work, and it’s outstanding abilities for makeup special effects/combat injury simulation creations.

Because she is a recognized international authority on airbrush makeup application her hands-on airbrush workshops draw students from around the world to sit under high value technology and technique that is taught in her classes. The unique draw is that the workshops are never based on just one single brand orientation training.  For more information about these airbrush workshops click here.

What also sets our airbrush product selection apart from other makeup sites is that all of our airbrush related products have been tested and approved for their use in High Definition Television, thus we have an in-depth knowledge base for airbrush makeup selection and application for this format.

All makeup artists, no matter what professional venue they work in, can be confident in shopping for all their airbrush makeup needs with us. We provide expert information in product selection, performance, and the necessary tools to employ this skill successfully in their artistry pursuits.

For novice makeup artists that want to add the airbrush to their skill set, acquiring the right information and training is always crucial to have before making any kind of monetary investment in airbrush equipment and makeup.

Because the airbrush method of applying makeup does require additional technical skill in proper application and important knowledge in machine maintenance we do not sell our products to individuals who have not had prior training with the airbrush in these critical areas of airbrush performance. We have a strict return policy that we adhere to, and will only replace defective items due to manufacturer error and warranty. We do not sell airbrush equipment to “try before you buy”.

How is airbrush makeup applied?

Airbrush makeup is simply a thinned liquid that has been mixed with air and is sprayed through an airbrush attached to and fed air by a specially designed mechanical compressor. It delivers a fine mist of color that gently overlaps on the skin, giving it the appearance of a smoother overall complexion.

Hand applied makeup products are rubbed or stroked directly onto skin with tools such as fingers, sponges, or makeup brushes, so there is always the chance that streaking can occur, depending on the artist’s skill in technique, so the streaks in the finish could possibly register on camera. There is also the increased possibility of exaggerating the look of the skin pores if the finish is not smooth enough.

The airbrush delivers microscopic dots of liquid makeup onto the skin in a soft layering technique through controlled spraying that lightly comes to rest on the skin’s surface. Because there are never any detectable finish marks, this process allows the makeup to blend into the “background” of the skin tone to give a more natural and translucent looking finish that doesn’t emphasize the skin pores.

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