Winter Shipping Policy

Winter Shipping Notice

We strongly advise any freeze sensitive products be ordered by Priority or Express Shipping to expedite your packages and avoid the long delays in a cold warehouse or delivery truck during these cold winter months. UPS and The US Postal Service considers freezing conditions as an Act of Nature; and will not honor insurance claims for frozen, or damaged product and packaging as a result of freezing. Certain skin care products and containers, adhesives, silicone’s, latex, and some other liquid products are extremely sensitive to freezing. We always suggest that you stock up on quantities in advance of the freezing weather months to avoid shipping during this time and to get you through the season. Paint and Powder Cosmetics cannot control the length of time a package will be subjected to freezing temperatures once it leaves our shipping department. Therefore, we are not responsible for replacing frozen or damaged products from freezing that have not been ordered by Priority or Express shipping.

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