Brian Kinney Hurt Box Original Palette

Brian Kinney Hurt Box Original Palette

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Hurt Boxes are the brainchild creations of Primetime Emmy Nominated SFX artist, Brian Kinney.  His amazing body of work can be seen in blockbuster movies, such as “The Hunger Games – Mocking Jay” and popular TV shows such as NCIS, Rizzoli & Isles, Mad Men, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Sons of Anarchy, and many more. 

Special makeup effects artists have a growing necessity to be able to create ultra high definition quality small prosthetic appliances quickly, whether in the makeup room, on set, or on location and without complicated molding and casting procedures.  They also need the capability to make multiples of them at a time, and to be able to cast an appliance using a variety of different materials on hand.  They also have the need to keep continuity in their makeup applications by reproducing the exact wound makeup scenario every day, or for a particular scene that requires multiple days at a time to shoot.  Brian stepped up and filled these important needs with the creation of his Hurt Box system of platinum silicone “on-the-go” molds, that can be used with nearly all the popular molding materials on the market today.

The Hurt Box Original Palette contains a variety of small wounds on a single silicone mold pad, and is medically correct to real life injuries.  It contains the following 15 wound styles:  3 different bullet hole sizes, 1 exit wound, 1 gouge injury, 1 scrape, 2 different length of cuts, 1 swollen eye bag, 2 cheek sized bump and lump, 2 linear scars, and 1 bite injury.  With this palette you can create a variety of scenarios that would call for these injuries, and be able to make as many as you need for an application.  Once made, some can even be combined together to make larger or more complex looking injuries.

Suggested products to use in these molds are TraumaSkin FX™ Prosthetic Transfer and Blending Paste, MM-1288, Paint and Powder Cosmetics RD-407 Mask-Making/Slip Liquid Latex, MM-1033, TraumaSkin FX™ Platinum Silicone Sculpting/Casting Medium, MM-1002, TraumaSkin FX™ Silicone Sculpt and Model Gel, MM-1421, and Mel Products MEL GEL Prosthetic Cream, MM-1473.  You can use gelatin, but since most brands produce very soft results, it may not be satisfactory for your needs.  We suggest TraumaSkin FX™ 3-D Casualty Simulation Gelatin, MM-1301, which gives the most firm and durable wear results available on the market.  For the release agent we suggest Mann Ease Release 200, MM-1313.

IMPORTANT NOTES:  If you plan to cast Platinum Silicone gels or liquid mediums in this mold, you MUST USE a release agent first!  If you don't then you will risk permanently laminating the medium to the mold, and it will be useless.  Also, 
please be aware that if you use Latex, Bondo, or Prosthetic Transfer Pastes in these Platinum Silicone Palettes, you will have to designate them as exclusively  Latex or Bondo, or Prosthetic Transfer Paste use only in them.  This is to prevent any possibility of product inhibition waste.  If you use Platinum Silicone gels or liquid mediums in these palettes, you will have to designate them as exclusively Silicone use only in them. 

This is a professional use palette, as many Pro SFX artists are very familiar with how to prepare and use the above mentioned materials properly, and with the correct release agents for successful appliance molding outcomes.   If you don’t know how to use the different SFX materials for casting and molding into silicone, or have no prior experience doing so, please do not purchase these palettes as they are not returnable due to end user mistakes or errors that ruin the palettes.


Geniune - Made in USA

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