CollodaColor Rigid Collodion Scarring Material

CollodaColor Rigid Collodion Scarring Material

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Due to variance in the display of color across different monitor types, color swatches may not be an exact match to actual product. Use for reference only. 

CollodaColor Rigid Collodion Scarring Material is a favorite of SFX artists because of the realistic looking effects of indented skin scarring, cuts, gashes, claw marks, bites, burns, or whatever your imagination can dream up.  It wrinkles and shrinks on the skin as it dries, drawing the skin into an indentation.  You can create larger or more in-depth looks by repeating the application as many times as you need to achieve the effect you are looking for.

CollodaColor is available in 5 different colors. Translucent Red for quick cuts and burns, and Translucent Maroon for a deeper red color of a cut or replicating a Stigmata type wound.  Translucent Blue enhances the look of older aging scars. Translucent Yellow is great for burn accents, and Translucent Black is great for burns, bullet hits, puncture wounds, and really old looking scars.  You can achieve even more dramatic results and dimension when these different colors are used together.                          

The skin area where you apply the collodion must have a bit of "fleshy" depth for this product's ability to pucker and shrink to appear realistic, so keep this in mind when designing the look and choosing the skin area to create it with.  If the skin is too smooth or tight it won't render as well.  It works best on dry bare skin to create the best looking deep skin injury results, especially with repeated layers.  By pressing the skin together as it dries to form a "fold" you can also achieve a greater optical impression and realism of a cut or scar.

For best adhesion and action of the collodion application: Clean skin first with alchohol or an astringent.  Do not use any moisturizer prior to application. Start out by tracing the look using a makeup pencil.  For example, use a medium brown one for old scarring or a pinkish color for a fresher one. Use a makeup brush to spread and soften the color out, before applying the collodion. 


Michael Davy Collodion Image


With the brush in the cap provided in the CollodaColor Rigid Collodion Scarring Material apply a very thin strip over the makeup pencil lines.  For deeper cuts or scarring apply several thin coats, making sure each layer is absolutely dry first before applying another over it to achieve the best results in the product shrinking and puckering the skin.  You can use different colors of CollodaColor together to achieve really dramatic and ultra-realistic looking results. 

To view a video tutorial of a great looking scarring effect you can try yourself using these products, click here.

Pro Tips: for gashes or cuts, a variation of the “Y” shape is often the best way due to the way the skin puckers when product dries.  Trace an outline of the desired look with a red makeup pencil first as a guide.  For very sensitive skin it is best to apply a skin barrier product, such as Top Guard, MM-1112.  Using an acrylic adhesive such as Graftobian Pro Adhesive, MM-1004, also works great.  You can finish out the look of your collodion application with other makeup coloring materials such as cream makeups, greasepaints, or alcohol activated makeup.

To remove the rigid collodion application:  NEVER peel it directly off skin, as it can cause discomfort and redness to the skin that may leave a mark.  It is best removed by using a rigid collodion remover, such as TraumaSkin FX™ Rigid Collodion Remover, MM-1398. Apply the remover with a cotton ball or swab and wipe until bond is dissolved, and it lifts off smoothly without effort. Immediately apply a moisturizing product to the cleaned area to restore skin texture.. This is especially important to do for sensitive skins wearing collodion materials.

0.5 oz bottle with brush.

IMPORTANT: For Professional Use Only! Paint and Powder Cosmetics is not responsible for customer or end user's use or abuse of this product.  Use at your own risk.  Do not use any collodion product or remover in or around the eye, nose, or mouth area.  Do not use around children or pets.  Do not inhale fumes.  Use ONLY in a well ventilated area.

It is recommended that you spot test a small area on the skin first to determine any allergic reaction.  Discontinue use immediately if a reaction develops.  Can cause redness or marking to skin when removed improperly, such as lifting or peeling off skin directly without using a remover first. 

NOTE:  This product is HAZMAT and is ground shipping only within the continental US.  Not available for foreign purchase or shipment.


Geniune - Made in USA
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