Deluxe Airbrush Cleaning Tool Kit

Deluxe Airbrush Cleaning Tool Kit

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Every airbrush owner cannot afford to be without a thorough cleaning and maintenance kit like this one, which contains vital  components to keep your instrument in peak working performance.  This kit has the most essential tools you will ever needed for good maintenance and efficient detail cleaning of your airbrush.  They can be used to clean any style or model of airbrush and gets the job done quickly and efficiently.

The 16 oz wash bottle allows customized hand pressure force to push cleaning and rinsing fluids through even the smallest areas, including the nozzle tip assembly. 
The airbrush cleaning tools conveniently stow in the wash bottle for easy access and storage when not in use. 

These are essential tools for break down cleaning and maintenance of the airbrush, and extremely helpful in troubleshooting small or delicate parts.  They are necessary for various external and internal cleaning needs and can be used with all types of airbrush cleaning solvents.

*2 - double ended black bristle mini brushes: broom style on one end and bottle
       style on the other end for internal cleaning of the airbrush
*2 - double ended white bristle micro brushes: medium pipe style on one end and
       small pipe style on the other end for internal areas of the airbrush.
*4 - variable diameter brush style reamers and 1 micro reamer on a convenient
       storage ring to clean even the hardest to reach areas.
*1 - black bristle round utility brush on durable metal handle, excellent for cleaning
       the feed cup and outer parts of the airbrush.
*1 - metal dental style pick: hooked style pick on one end and curved pick on the
       other for cleaning the most stubborn dried makeup in the airbrush nozzle.

If you own an airbrush you should never be without good tools for a proper thorough cleaning, and all these items will have a purpose in cleaning every part and detail area in your airbrush!


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