Every Beauty Sharpening Cosmetic Pencil Organizer

Every Beauty Sharpening Cosmetic Pencil Organizer

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The Every Beauty Sharpening Cosmetic Pencil Organizer is the handiest 2-in-1 product to help you get your beauty bag, kit, or drawer more tightly organized.  You can use it with any SLIM rounded pencils as shown in the examples below.  No other tool could be more perfectly suited for traveling with your favorite pencil colors on the go, along with the handy dandy built-in stainless steel pencil sharpener that makes it all a snap to carry and use! 

It does a great job at keeping pencils neatly organized and sanitary, instead of rolling around loose or lost in bags, kits or drawers.   The black cylinder is made of hard, durable wear plastic with an attractive silver gem top to give it some extra bling!  The snap in pencil sharpener makes it more desirable as you won't ever need to carry extra ones.  It's attractive enough to stand up on your makeup vanity or counter top for easy reach.  It's so affordable that you can own several to keep those SLIM round pencils completely  contained and grouped according to your favorites!

The organizer holds up to 14 SLIM rounded makeup pencils, such as the following examples:

Graftobian Eye Liner Pro Pencil
Graftobian Lip Liner Pro Pencil
La Femme Slim Kohl Eyeliner Pencil
La Femme Professional Lip Liner Pencil
Natural Born Cosmetics Hi Define Eyeliner Pencil
Natural Born Cosmetics White Highlighter Pencil
Natural Born Cosmetics Lip and Eye Crayon   
Natural Born Cosmetics Ultimate Lip Liner Pencil

Natural Born Cosmetics Ultimate Lip Prime and Perfecting Pencil

Say goodbye to messy makeup drawers too, as this tool allows you to keep them all neater and cleaner with this handy to reach pencil organizer with sharpener.  It's easy to clean: when the pencil sharpener is full of shavings simply unsnap the sharpener to empty it out.  To clean the black cylinder, take out the sharpener first, then just wipe the cylinder with a damp cloth, or wash in mild soap and water, and allow to air dry. 

NOTE: For use with SLIM round cosmetic pencils only, chubby size pencils WILL NOT FIT.  Examples of tools that fit are mentioned above. Tools not included.




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