Graftobian Luster Powder

Graftobian Luster Powder

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The Face and Body Painting Brushes come in several styles of brush heads, including Flats, Filberts, Rounds, Flat Angle, and Fans.  Also available is a Sponge Tip Applicator Brush that has many handy uses. These brushes are finished with several layers of color with a lacquer finished handle, and are a professional length of 7" for the best balance and control in the hand for an application.  They are crafted with the highest quality Golden Taklon fiber-known for it's resiliency and durability in performance.

The Taklon Flats and Filberts are popular among face and body painters because they can be double or triple loaded with multi color mediums, and their flat edges make sharp, crisp, and clean designs with smooth results.  Whether you are a pro or novice these brushes are perfect for all kinds of professional makeup painting results.  Always remember that the higher the designated number of the face brush the bigger or wider the surface of the brush will be.

For suggested uses see below:

The #6 and #10 Filbert Brushes (sometimes called chisel brushes) are frequently used brushes for general outline and detail work, especially if working on eyelids or other areas of the body with broad round strokes or defined shapes.  They are fabulous to use as a makeup concealer application or lip color application brushes.  The 1" Filbert Brush is used to paint color into broad areas and develop a very smooth and even application. It's also fantastic to use to apply and blend foundation products smoothly on the face.

The #5/0 Fine Detail and #4 Round Brushes are used for general outlining and detail work, and creating a variable thickness of lines. The Fine Detail Brush is great to use for creating small details, highlighting, and especially for tight eyeliner work.

he Sponge Tip Applicator is ideal for adding small detail effects in character painting, or for touch up and removal work.  It’s also fantastic to use as an eye makeup applicator for pressing shadows onto the lid before blending with natural hair makeup brush, as it virtually eliminates eyeshadow fall-out.

The #2 and #6 Fan Brushes can be used for character work, such as creating butterfly wings, scales, or adding a finishing dusting of color or glitter.  The #2 Fan Brush is also great to use to apply wet cake or tube mascara, and the #6 Fan Brush is perfect for lightly dusting away powders without disturbing the makeup.

The #4 and #10 Flat Brushes are used for flat broader brush stroking and adding sharp crisp turns or lines in the strokes when creating character looks.  The 1", 1 1/4" and 1 1/2" Flat Brushes are used when you need even greater broad brush smooth color application in flat strokes.  These are also great color blending brushes. 

The 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2" Angle Brushes create the sharpest and most precision crisp lines in your detail work. They can also be used to paint broad areas with clean edges, and are great to use for eyeliner detail work.

To clean, we recommend using Graftobian Brush Cleaner, MM-1041.

Brushes sold individually.



Geniune - Made in USA


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