Graftobian Hi Def Glamour Creme Foundation Palettes

Graftobian Hi Def Glamour Creme Foundation Palettes

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Due to variance in the display of color across different monitor types, color swatches may not be an exact match to actual product. Use for reference only.

Graftobian's Hi-Def Glamour Creme was developed and inspired in colors by the most popular professional industry brands and true skin tone shades currently used in film, television, and print by both top tier Hollywood and front line freelance artists. Hi-Def Glamour Creme's tremendous success is a result of extensive collaborative efforts, field testing, and approval of many well known Hollywood artists, and who are using this product in their films and HDTV shows.

Dick Page endorsement

High-Def Glamour Creme Foundation is a highly pigmented base in a creamy, easy to apply formulation that will adhere smoothly to all skin types.  This product is so versatile with it's ability to provide adjustable but natural looking coverage for the strict demands of high resolution television broadcast, and produces more "flawless looking to the eye" results. Makeup artists need true skin tone colors, not commercial "fashion" shades, to render high performing and long lasting results under these conditions, and to maintain continuity on the face without it breaking down or oxidizing (changing color) throughout a long day's shoot. 

These palettes are a terrific buy in price, variety, and portability, and very handy to use as on-set testers to determine skin tones.  On-camera talent and performing artists who do their own makeup can select a palette that looks closest to their skin undertone and shade to find an exact match, or easily custom blend a shade from the 5-color choices within the palette.

HDTV and film work demands accuracy in matching foundation to skin color, and without looking "made up" or "colorized".  The foundation colors are conveniently classified into Warm, Cool and Neutral to eliminate the guesswork in exact match of skin undertones, which is an important need of the makeup artist or daily wear makeup user. 

Hi-Def Glamour Creme needs minimal powder to set, and is easily maintained with Nurturing Force Blotting Papers, PPS-0001, or spot powder touch-ups. The colors in this line are carefully divided into Cool (ruddy/pink undertones), Warm (olive/yellow/golden undertones), and Neutral undertones.  They also come in a wide variety of true skin tone shades from the lightest alabaster to the darkest ebony.

A very important consideration with these Hi-Def Glamour Creme Foundations is the colors have exact match counterparts in the Graftobian GlamAire Airbrush Makeup line, PPS-0044, so you never have to worry about matching continuity if you want to mix both airbrushing and hand applied makeup in the same color on a talent! 

Each of these palette shades is also available individually in larger ½ oz sizes, PPS-0047 for the convenience of refilling the palettes, or to keep on hand a larger portion of a particular shade you use a lot of. 

To purchase a test sample of Graftobian Hi-Def Glamour Creme Foundations, click here. 

NOTE: Occasionally some palettes may have a visible small color "dot" in the center of the color well.  This is NOT a defect, it's simply a slight machine auto-fill finish mark on the surface, and completely disappears once lightly touched with a finger or a sponge. It does NOT affect the application or performance of the makeup.


Geniune - Made in USA


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