Graftobian Iwata Smart Jet Pro FX Aire Airbrush Makeup System

Graftobian Iwata Smart Jet Pro FX Aire Airbrush Makeup System

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Graftobian Iwata Single Airbrush Makeup System is ideal as a stationary unit for a makeup studio, SFX shop, movie location trailer, on-set location, or any situation that requires airbrush versatility in application.  The easy portability of this system makes it great to have on hand for makeup artists in a variety of disciplines, and needing long periods of reliable airbrush spraying and quick color changes for face and body work.

This is also the perfect system for moulage work and makes mass casualty simulation makeup for large numbers of people a snap under time constraints.  It will certainly add high fidelity realism to renderings and finishing touches to injury simulations for any training exercise or drill.  This workhorse unit is designed for heavy duty use for prolonged periods of stable and reliable spraying, whether you are working on one project continuously or need to airbrush many people at one time.

The system includes:

* Iwata Smart Jet Pro,a  super quiet and powerful airbrush compressor (110-120v) with automatic shut-off technology.
* Iwata Eclipse HP-CS (ECL4500) Top Feed Airbrush.

* High strength polyurethane air hose.
* 6 - 2.25 oz bottles of F/X Aire™ hybrid alcohol/water based airbrush makeup. 
* 1 - 8 oz. bottle of Graftobian Airbrush Cleansing Fluid.
* 1 -2 oz. empty spray bottle for easy dispensing of the Airbrush Cleansing Fluid.

With your system you can have your choice of 3 different airbrush color collections:

* Primary Colors (#20098P) include: White, Black, Red, Blue, Yellow & Green, along with the DVD: “Airbrush Face and Body Art for Fantasy, Horror and Beauty”  
* Skin Tone Colors (#20098) include: White and 5 skin tones: Light Olive, Warm Honey, Dark Bronze, Natural Tan, and  Ebony, along with the DVD: HD Makeup 101- Achieving Perfection with Simplicity"

* Casualty Simulation Colors(#20098CPP) include: Blood Blister Red, Clotted Red, Blithe Spirit, Purple, CVA Suntan Red, and Black, along with the DVD: Makeup Special Effects for Casualty Simulation Arts" 

The Iwata Smart Jet Pro compressor is state of the art technology with a convenient automatic shut-off feature that enables the compressor to momentarily turn off when not spraying, and back on again to spray simply by triggering the airbrush!  This feature reduces motor workload and protects the life-span of the compressor.  It also contains a moisture trap to prevent air pulsing and moisture from entering the airline to deliver clean and dry air: even when spraying under the most humid conditions!   It features an adjustable air regulator knob and pressure gauge readout that delivers a working pressure of 1-35 PSI as well as a super quiet motor.   This adjustable variable airflow valve allows higher pressure spray for a variety of body and Special FX needs to dialing it down to the lowest and softest stippling spray for face makeup work.  The Smart Jet Pro has an air intake filter that protects the motor from dust and particulates and allows easy-access for quick filter changes.  The strong hard-sided protective outer case adds long wearing durability, and has a mounted airbrush holder so that you can conveniently rest your airbrush when not in use.  Also included is a high strength polyurethane air hose for the Iwata Eclipse Top Feed Airbrush.

The Iwata Eclipse HP-CS airbrushes are hugely popular and known for their great versatility, along with the high flow capability that allows it to atomize a wider variety of liquids with less need for reducing or thinning.  It offers a broad spray range to achieve a controlled fine line to controlled wide spray.  It has a dual action feature with a 35mm nozzle orifice, along with a generous gravity-fed 0.24 oz / 7 ml fluid cup with lid that is ideal for color mixing.   It features an exclusive compression fit nozzle that is easy to clean and assemble.  The quick flush cutaway handle allows easy access to the needle so that you can quickly empty the paint reservoir for cleaning.  Iwata's spring-steel needle resists breakage and the needle packings are solvent resistant for longevity.

Please specify below the type of makeup you want with your system before placing an order. Any of the F/X Aire airbrush colors are also available individually for purchase.  Click Here for complete F/X Aire color selection chart.

For professional use only. Please do not order if you do not have any prior experience with airbrushing, or are unfamiliar with how to operate an airbrush system.  If you are unsure about this system for your needs, please call or email us with your questions or concerns FIRST before you place an order for this system, as it is not returnable due to customer confusion or wrong choices. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The FX/Aire Airbrush Makeup and Graftobian Cleansing Fluid included with this system is flammable and considered hazardous material (HAZMAT). Due to HAZMAT regulations this system is ground shipping only within the continental USA.  Not available for overseas or foreign sales.

This set will be shipped to you by standard ground shipping directly from our vendor.  If you order this system together with other products from our store you will receive the rest of your order separately.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping and delivery of this airbrush system.

SHIPPING COST:  Please be advised that due to its weight, this item does not qualify for our "Free Shipping Over $60.00" discount in accordance with our Shipping Policy, click here.  Should you decide to purchase this item, we will contact you after we determine the actual ground shipping costs and ask you to authorize payment of the actual shipping charges before we ship.




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