Graftobian Pro FX Rubber Mask Grease Wheel

Graftobian Pro FX Rubber Mask Grease Wheel

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Graftobian's Rubber Mask Grease makeup is highly pigmented, smooth in application, and gives even longer lasting results when set properly with translucent powder.  It's the RMG  of choice for professionals all over the world because it yields fantastic results. 

Graftobian's RMG contains castor oil, which allows the makeup to blend easily over the latex appliance and surrounding skin area for smooth even coverage, and without the appliance absorbing the makeup.  Without RMG the latex would appear chalky and discolored from the appliance absorbing the oil from regular cream makeup products, and you would have obvious uneven looking results.  It can be sealed with Graftobian Setting Spray, PPS-0021, to allow for application of different colors without disturbing the layers. 

It's a great product to use for all kinds of character makeup needs because the color is vibrant and stays true longer than traditional theatrical makeup.  Great for character portrayal or casualty simulation needs.  You can refill the sections of the wheel when they become low by purchasing the larger size single color pots of Grafobian RMG, MM-1261, and scooping some out with a palette knife to refill the sections.

You can Apply RMG with a makeup sponge moistened in 99% alcohol, such as Telesis ISO-GEL, MM-1111, to give a smooth and even application.  Create washes of color by adding a few drops of 99% alcohol to RMG on a mixing palette to thin it out.  Set liberally with Graftobian translucent powder, MM-1039, to take away shine, and dusting off excess. 

Application suggestion: stipple a wash of RMG with a wet sea sponge, PPS-0142, for customized texture and dimension in your application.

Bald Cap Wheel Colors:  Blue, Light Cream, Medium Honey, Warm Tan, Egyptian,  and Special Dark.
Appliance F/X Wheel Colors:  Medium Honey, Green, Light Cream, Ebony, Red, and Milk Chocolate.
Injury F/X Wheel Colors:  Warm Honey, Maroon, Dark Purple, Yellow, Forest Green, and Thunder Grey.
Primary/Clown Wheel Colors:  White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, and an additional White.
Derma:  Ceylon Cinnamon, Sunrise Flush, Graceful Swan, Burnt Amber, Olivia, and Hazelnut.
Trauma F/X:  Blithe Spirit, Frankie Grey, Clotted Red, Deep Yellow, Corpse Flesh, Blood Blister

Wheel Nt Wt: 1 oz.


Geniune - Made in USA
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