Graftobian Specialty FX Powders

Graftobian Specialty FX Powders

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Due to variance in the display of colors across different monitor types, color swatches may not be an exact match to actual product. Use for reference only.

Specialty F/X Powders are great for all kinds of outdoor dirt, dust, grime, even muddy looks to hair, skin and clothing. They are a must for trauma and casualty injury simulation moulage makeup.  You can smudge them on with fingers or sponge, or dust on with a powder brush to face, body and clothing.  Rub onto fingers, nails, and knuckles for an added grime effect.  The powders mix easily with petroleum jelly for thicker smudge, motor oil, or mud effects on skin and clothing.  They also mix with castor or mineral oil for a great dripping effect. 

Ash Dust is a light grayish color, similar to Fuller's Earth in look, and provides the same subtle pale tone and overall dusty look.  Can be mixed with Black Soot for even more interesting dirt and grime color effects.

Texas Dirt acts, looks, and feels like the real thing, but without the strong red overtones.  It can be mixed down with Ash Dust to provide a more subtle looking color and effect.

Black Soot Powder is great to use to create a burned or charred skin effect, powder burns around a simulated wound effect, dirty or sooty looking skin (such as for a chimney sweep characters), stressed or burned clothing look, or simulated explosion after-effects on skin and clothing.  It's great to use for black grease effects, or use it in other character portrayals such as pirates, ancient characters etc.

Tip: Use Black Soot in conjunction with Graftobian's Blood Gel or Blood Paste and you have a fast and easy to apply burned skin effect that is realistic to the eye! 

Tip: Put Black Soot, Ash Dust or Texas Dirt it in a sock and you can create all kinds of dirty or distressed looking skin and clothing effects by directing the filled sock gently against areas of clothing and skin.

Washable, however test fabric before use. 5 oz jar.

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