Graftobian Walk Around FX Aire Airbrush System Character Skin Tone Colors
Graftobian Walk Around FX Aire Airbrush System Character Skin Tone Colors
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Graftobian Walk Around FX Aire Airbrush System Character Skin Tone Colors

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Graftobian Walk-Around FX/Aire Airbrush System Character Skin Tone Colors Set was created to meet the overwhelming need in the makeup industry for a solid, reliable and fully portable airbrush system that can be used across the globe!  It is designed to have dual voltage and comes with 3 International converter plugs so you can use it pretty much anywhere in the world.  This is truly a high quality versatile professional face and body airbrush painting system that is specially created for artists who need a reliable compact and lightweight mobile unit that fits perfectly into all their airbrushing needs.  

This is an outstanding all-in-one package that includes a completely portable high performing compressor system that features all the components listed below.  This system is perfect for any makeup venue or application that needs a durable wear airbrush makeup, such as Graftobian's famous alcohol hybrid F/X Aire Makeup.  Included in this set is a distinctive collection of the most desired skin tone colors in this ready to start-up airbrush unit.  The 6 colors in this Walk-Around™ FX/Aire Airbrush System package are: White, Light Olive, Warm Honey, Dark Bronze, Natural Tan and Ebony.  Each color comes in a generous 2 oz size squeeze bottle for handy dispensing.  Within this pre-selected color set you will be able to custom blend an infinite amount of skin tone shades for your exact needs.  This simple to use unit is ready to go right out of the box, just hook up the hose and airbrush  to the compressor and you are in business!  Best of all, a handy airbrush cleaning kit is included in the set to keep your airbrush running smoothly.

F/X Aire Airbrush Makeup formula contains highly micronized pigments, more so than other brands, which means the particles are refined to deliver the smoothest flow of makeup that applies evenly and quickly.  High micronization also means it will not clog in the airbrush even at low pressure.  You can get fabulous rich coverage that will last easily for 12-14 hours in wear.  The amount of alcohol used in this formula is very small compared to other leading brands, and it’s just enough to allow the use of more durable alcohol soluble copolymer adhesion for the pigment, so that your creations look smooth and even, and will stay looking great throughout the day!  This unique formula also allows you to spray “dry” so that the alcohol is dispersed away before it touches the skin. FX/Aire is absolutely waterproof and extremely long wearing until it is removed with soap and water or other appropriate remover.

In addition to the 6 skin tone colors, the system also includes:

· Fully portable high performing 110v. and 220v. dual voltage compatible compressor.
· Rechargeable and detachable battery pack.
· Graftobian SA35 - single action airbrush.
· Adjustable 2-26 psi adjustable air bleed control valve with quick disconnect feature.
· 6' super flexible silicone rubber hose.
· A/C and DC plug-in power cords.
· International converter plugs (EU, UK, AUS) for International use just about anywhere in the world.
· Airbrush Cleansing fluid - 8 oz bottle spray bottle.
· 2 oz empty spray bottle with cap
· 2 oz bottle Setting Spray
· Airbrush Cleaning Kit

Whether you use the unit while plugged into electrical current or out in the field operating on battery pack power, the operation of the system and it's power output is the same.  The air pressure is regulated by using the air bleed control valve (a small black button style knob) that is attached to the air stem at the bottom of the airbrush.

While the power button on the unit is clicked on, it is important to always allow at least a little airflow through the airbrush at all times so that your compressor will not build up pressure and overheat.  Adjust the bleeder valve to the point where you feel a light flow of air coming out of the front of the airbrush.  Also, never operate the airbrush with the bleed control valve completely closed off or you will risk pressure build-up and overheating the compressor.

For professional use only. Please do not order if you do not have any prior experience with airbrushing, or are unfamiliar with how to operate an airbrush system.  
If you are unsure about this system for your needs, please call or email us with your questions or concerns FIRST before you place an order for this system, as it is not returnable due to customer confusion or wrong choices. 

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The FX/Aire Airbrush Makeup, Cleansing Fluid, and Setting Spray included with this system is flammable and considered hazardous material (HAZMAT). Due to HAZMAT regulations this system is ground shipping only within the continental USA.  Not available for overseas or foreign sales.

This set will be shipped to you by standard ground shipping directly from our vendor.  If you order this system together with other products from our store you will receive the rest of your order separately.  Please allow up to 2 weeks for shipping and delivery of this airbrush system.

SHIPPING COST: Please be advised that due to its heavier weight this system does not qualify for our "Free Shipping Over $60.00" discount in accordance with our Shipping Policy, click here.  Should you decide to purchase this item, we will contact you after we determine the actual ground shipping costs to your location and invoice for actual shipping charges before we ship.  

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