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These kits are a novice makeup artist's dream collection and a pro's targeted set of the most desired products.  We also offer, as an optional purchase with the kits, the highly prized Japonesque makeup cases.  These kits have been industry tested and many pros agree, the products work beautifully with all skin tones and types, and provide exceptional performance in the crucial areas of color, coverage, texture and finish. 

From the chair to the set, it is very important that a makeup application is correct in order to duplicate the proper image in camera under all lighting conditions.  These kits will never fail you in being able to match all skin tonalities, and design flattering color palette choices for your clients, from lips to eyes. 
The kits have been carefully selected to contain the very same professional grade products being used by countless union and freelance artists currently working on many movies and television shows. 

These kits meet a range of an artist's budget needs, with three different kit sizes and prices to choose from. They come complete and ready to go to work for you!  it's all here in three distinct choices, from the artist just starting out in a makeup career to the professional who wants to roll over to tested and approved HD compatible makeup products, .

Also included in each kit is a free bonus gift, the best selling makeup DVD: "HD Makeup 101 - Achieving Perfection With Simplicity
", a $24.95 value which is yours absolutely free.  It will take you step by step in applying a perfect makeup application for camera ready results, and with makeup techniques that produce a natural yet enhanced look you can use for everyday wear.

SHORT OVERVIEW OF KITS: Along with the makeup products, each kit also includes professional application tools.  You also receive a high quality 17-piece brush set from Graftobian, and made by Royal Langnickel, the most trusted name in makeup brushes used the world over by top artists.  With proper care these brushes will last a lifetime, especially if you use only the gentle brush cleaner, Pink Soap, provided in the kit.


Free shipping does not apply to kits or cases due to their weight.  Once you have made your purchase, we will contact you after we pack and weigh your shipment to determine the actual shipping cost for the delivery service you request, and you will be able to pay the shipping at that time either by credit card or PayPal.

We do not charge any additional packing, handling, or surcharge fees when preparing your kit for shipping.   Kits will either be shipped by USPS Priority Mail or UPS, whichever is cost expedient to your location.  Express  or Overnight Shipping is available at an additional cost.

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