Marvin Westmore Hair and Brow FX Palette, by REEL Creations

Marvin Westmore Hair and Brow FX Palette, by REEL Creations

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Due to variance in the display of colors across different monitor types, color swatches may not be an exact match to actual product. Use for reference only.

6 Time Emmy Award Nominee Marvin Westmore, of the famous Westmore Brothers of Hollywood makeup artist fame, created the ideal palette of 10 perfectly edited colors for REEL Creations to manage, re-create, lighten or darken, or build the perfect hair and brow tones for film, TV, or just everyday wear.

The top row has silver, pearl, and neutralizing shades for managing hair issues and the bottom row contains the most desired and used brow colors.  All the colors can be combined in different ways to achieve the look and results you want.  It also provides quick and long lasting touch-ups for hair, side burns, eyebrows, mustaches, or wherever you need it.  Use it for scalp shadows, or to conceal bald areas and give the hair a full bodied appearance.  Colors can also be used on skin and hair pieces, or to create a blend between both.

Reel Creation Colors are water resistant, sweat resistant, and usually require little or no touch ups other than occasional powdering.¬† Colors in the palette are: Top Row ‚Äď Hair Silver, Pink White, Green White, Yellow White, Silver Pearl; Bottom Row ‚Äď Ash Blonde, Olive blue, Olive, Olive Brown and Mocha.¬† You can lightly powder the application once your effect has been achieved for a realistic¬†"under-the-skin" results.

The colors from this palette can be custom blended together with other REEL Creation colors from other palette sets. REEL Creations also be easily blended with other brands of alcohol activated colors and palettes. The colors are safe for use on the lips, skin, hair and around the eyes, and can be used with PAX, rubber mask grease, foam latex, gelatin, plastics, silicone and prosthetic transfer appliances.

Ink colors must be activated with 99% alcohol products, such as Telesis ISO GEL, MM-1111, Skin Illustrator Slow Activator, MM-1205,  REEL Creations 99% Alcohol Developer, MM-1182,  or TraumaSkin FX 99% Alcohol, MM-1514, to fully de-saturate the ink color to properly apply to the skin or appliance.

For Professional Use Only.


Geniune - Made in USA
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