Mehron Sweat and Tears

Mehron Sweat and Tears

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Mehron Sweat and Tears is a major staple product found frequently in many top pro's makeup kit because it has so many important uses for beauty and makeup SFX.  It's the right product to use for simulating sweating beads of moisture or tears of emotion on a performer when it’s called for at a moment’s notice.  It can be applied with a sponge using a patting or stippling motion to create the "beads of sweat" look.  Or, use a bottle dropper tip for a realistic looking trailing tear effect under the eyes.  You can also mix it with water in a spray bottle to create highly believable perspiration beads that won’t evaporate, and stays in place where you put it to retain the look of real sweat or tears for long wearing effect.

You can also apply a trailing tear effect right under the bottom lash line or outer corner of the eye for the most realistic looking crying effect.  Mehron Sweat and Tears natural moisturizing properties won't sting skin, and will drip slowly the way real human tears do.  It’s the go-to product that top makeup artists use for film, TV, stage or photo shoots when they need crying or sweating effects for their actors or models.  It can even be used as a beauty lip gloss when applied over lipstick for that super shiny look.

Mehron Sweat and Tears is an FDA approved glycerin based formula, non-toxic, and safe to use around the eyes.  It is also favored for use by SFX artists for that slight ooze or seeping effect for casualty simulation open wound effects.   It's super handy to use as a thinner for cream makeup, or mix it with water and airbrush it lightly on top of airbrush makeup for a quick dewey finish.  It can add that subtle dewey finish on many other makeup products, and it's humectant ingredients make it great to use for  instantly smoothing down flakey skin, especially before a makeup application.

Professional Tip: Mix 1 and 1/2  oz  Mehron Sweat and Tears with 1/2 oz distilled water and shake together in a spray bottle.  Spray on face and body but avoid spraying it into the eyes.
this product is a great to use as both a thinner and texturizer for water-based airbrush foundations, as it helps creates a semi-flat soft dewey finish.  It can also be used as a pre-dissolving agent for dry pigments to create a liquid medium, especially for spraying through an airbrush.  Or, use it alone as a prep for very dry or peeling skins before a makeup application.  Mix it half and half with water in a spray bottle to make a very hydrating and refreshing moisturizing spray.  It's fabulous to use straight as a lip gloss too!

1 oz. jar with brush.

Ingredients: Glycerin.




Geniune - Made in USA

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