MEL Products Plastic Bald Cap in 4 Sizes

MEL Products Plastic Bald Cap in 4 Sizes

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MEL Plastic Bald Caps are absolutely the highest quality available on the market and are specially formulated to have both the strength and elasticity needed for the most long lasting and rigorous wear.  They are the industry standard in plastic/vinyl caps, and are used exclusively by Oscar and Emmy Award winning SFX artists working on major films and TV Shows all over the world.  Best of all they can be applied with your favorite adhesive, such as Graftobian’s Pro Adhesive, MM-1004, Telesis Beta Bond Plus Adhesive, MM-1108 , or Monster Makers ProTac Acrylic Emulsion Adhesive, MM-1521, and the edges can be easily blended off with acetone if desired.

Plastic bald caps are are different than latex rubber bald caps because you can blend the edges off with cosmetic grade solvents and make them virtually disappear into the skin.  These bald caps are also compatible for use with silicone based products, such as TraumaSkin FX™ Platinum Silicone Sculpting/Casting Medium, MM-1002, or TraumaSkin FX™ Silicone Sculpt and Model Gel, MM-1421, which can also be used as an edge finisher.  You can also use any kind of SFX paste/blender product to stipple over the edges, such as such as MEL Products MEL Gel Prosthetic Cream, MM-1473 , TraumaSkin FX™ Bondo "Cabo Patch" Appliance Filler, MM-1196, or TraumaSkin FX™ Prosthetic Transfer and Blending Paste, MM-1288.  

Mel Plastic Bald Caps are the ideal choice to use in Ultra HDTV, Film and Stage, or any situation where a "real to the eye" bald look is an absolute must!  They have been purposely designed with a generous nape and better all around fit (especially the forehead and sides) for custom results.  These plastic caps are perfect for any kind of character look, such as the "Blue Man" character, and are very popular among Cosplayers too!

As a general rule, the average size circumference of a person's head (and using the measuring method as instructed above) ranges about 22 inches, but it's always best to make a custom measurement.  Here are some general guidelines in measuring the circumference of your head to determine a bald cap size listed below.  We suggest using a cloth measuring tape for more accurate results, but a flexible metal measuring tape will work fine too. 

Using your tape- start in front where your natural hairline is.  Begin to measure the distance around your head, by following along your hairline and just above your ear.  Continue around to the back, and along the bottom of your skull and hairline (where your head bends and meets the top of your neck).  Then, come around over your other ear and finish around to the front where you started.  This will help you choose a more accurate size in the bald cap size choices and will provide you with minimal fitting adjustments in the bald cap application process.  You can finish your bald cap with just about any kind of coloring medium including rubber mask grease paints, airbrush makeup, and what the pros prefer to use, MELPAX Paints!

To view a video of a Mel Plastic Bald Cap step-by-step application process by multiple Emmy Award Winning Makeup Artist, Brad Look, click here

NOTE: we find that using a Gafquat product for hair smoothing prior to cap application can adversely affect plastic cap wear.  We strongly recommend that you use a non-alcohol based hair fixative.  The information and use of this product does not constitute liability by MEL Inc.,, or Paint and Powder Cosmetics.  Consumers assume all liability in its use and products used in the application process.


Geniune - Made in USA

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