Mel Products Prosthetic Transfer Paper and Release Film

Mel Products Prosthetic Transfer Paper and Release Film

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Mel Products are designed and created by the Emmy® and Oscar® winning SFX artists at MEL Products USA.  They are made by top tier artists for all artists, and are the premiere SFX materials of choice for Film, Television, Stage and Live Performance venues.  In 2011 Mel Products released its first set of products to the makeup industry and quickly earned their elite place in the competitive SFX marketplace.  Mel Products are famous the world over and their flagship products, MelPAX Paint Makeup and Mel Bald Caps, have become the gold standard in the Film and TV makeup artist community. 

Mel Products Prosthetic Transfer Paper and Release Film is a premium quality acetate and waterslide paper set used in making and applying three dimensional (3-D) prosthetic transfers for the best results.  They can be used with any commercial or custom made acrylic adhesive based pastes that are placed in small molds to make a variety of skin traumas or disfigurements.  These are the two vital materials you will need to complete the process of making the transfers, from pulling them from molds to applying them to skin.  Mel Products only uses premium water slide transfer paper that has been treated to give you maximum slip and water saturation when applying the transfers, which allows even your micro-thin edges to transfer to the skin for optimal blending and finish.

The Transfer Paper can also be used as customized temporary tattoo transfer paper with Laser Jet printers, but use at your own risk if you don’t know how to properly put them through printers.   Please note that the acetate Release Film is treated on one side only.  You will need to test a side of the acetate with a “Sharpie” type black marker to determine which side is treated.  If the ink beads up then that is the correct treated side that will need to be placed face down against the paste in the mold.  Once the the completed prosthetic is on the acetate. it goes face down on the shiny side of the Transfer Paper in order to release it to the Transfer Paper properly.

Mel Products Mel Gel Prosthetic Transfer Cream, MM-1473 is the product of choice by pro SFX artists to use as the paste to make 3-D prosthetic transfers because it produces high quality professional results.  Mel Products Silicone On Set (SOS) Molds are ideal to use for making perfect prosthetic transfers, and we offer the following sets:

MM-1474 SOS Mold #2A Bullet Wounds
MM-1475 SOS Mold #1C Indented Scars
MM-1476 SOS Mold #1A Open Cuts
MM-1507 SOS Mold #3B Assorted Indented Scars
MM-1508 SOS Mold #6 Blisters
MM-1509 SOS Mold #7 Acne
MM-1510 SOS Mold #11 Scrapes

Mel Gel Prosthetic Transfer Cream cal also be used in all the Brian Kinney Hurt Boxes that we offer for sale too!

For a step-by-step video tutorial in creating 3-D prosthetic transfers click here.

PRO TIP: If you are using the correct acetate side to pull your appliance from the mold but your appliance piece is still sticking to the acetate, take a can of compressed air, like Dust Off and turn it upside down and spray the piece, freezing it. The acetate should easily come right off.

Available in quantities of 3, 5 and 10 sets.  Quantity refers to BOTH Transfer Paper & Release Film in the sets.  Each set is 8.5” x 11” and allows you plenty of width so that you can cut down the material into smaller sheets for various sized Prosthetic Transfers as needed with minimal waste.

Mel Products have been used on hundreds of film and TV productions, such as the Avengers movies, Captain America movies, Iron Man movies, Django Unchained, Dallas Buyers Club, The Dark Knight Rises, Sons of Anarchy, The Strain, Mad Max: Fury Road, Suicide Squad and many more!


Geniune - Made in USA

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