1C- Indented Scars SOS Mold | MEL Products USA

1C- Indented Scars SOS Mold | MEL Products USA

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Actual wounds cast from this mold will vary according to the user's selection and application of materials, and any coloring agents used.     

Silicone On Set (S.O.S) Trauma Molds were created by the Emmy Award Winning team of SFX artists at MEL Products to work with a variety of traditional SFX materials used in the industry.  They saw the need for running quick or last minute appliances, especially on set, and came up with these great compact mold trays that come in their own protective case.  The platinum silicone mold is flexible and extremely durable, and will provide you with limitless pours and pulls of this style of wound in an exact likeness. 

When casting materials into silicone based molds we strongly suggest using a release agent appropriate to the casting material.  A good all around release agent preferred by professionals is Mann Ease Release 200.  Or, you can brush in a mixture of 2 parts of alcohol to 1 part dish washing soap; or petroleum jelly thinned with Naphtha (to avoid brush strokes); or a plastic encapsulating material if you are making gel filled appliances or acrylic adhesive based appliances. 

Casting mediums that are ideal for the silicone mold are: MEL Products MEL Gel Prosthetic Cream,
or any type of prosthetic transfer appropriate medium that will pull from a properly prepared silicone mold.  You can also use PPC FX Gelatin, and Michael Davy Plastic Appliance and Scar Material,  or Paint and Powder FX™ Liquid Vinyl.

WARNING: Do NOT cast any silicone directly into this silicone mold without proper mold preparation as you will risk permanent lamination of both silicone materials, and permanently ruin the mold.  We strongly recommend Mann Ease Release 200, o
r, you can brush in petroleum jelly thinned with Naphtha (to avoid brush strokes).  Once the silicone mold is properly prepared for a silicone based casting material we suggest: Paint and Powder FX™ Silicone Sculpting Gel, or Smooth-On Dragon Skin F/X Pro.

CAUTION: You may run latex in these molds and we suggest Paint and Powder Cosmetics RD-407 Mask-Making/Slip Liquid Latex
.  Understand that once latex is cured and pulled from these molds you will not ever be able to run silicone through them again.  Latex is an inhibitor to silicone, and when latex comes in contact with a silicone mold the silicone surface "absorbs" the residual latex proteins from the pull.  Therefore, inhibition becomes present and liquid silicone will no longer catalyze (set up) in the mold.  So choose to dedicate either silicone (and the other non-latex materials mentioned above) or latex when using these molds.  If you work with both silicone and latex, then you will want to have two separate dedicated molds one exclusively for latex use, and one exclusively for running silicone and the other materials mentioned above. 

These molds are for professional use only, and it is assumed that the buyer/user is acquainted with how to use casting mediums and their processes.  Mel Products and Paint and Powder Cosmetics assumes no liability in how these molds or casting mediums are used or misused by the buyer/user and their associates.

Mold Dimensions: 4.5"(L) x 2"(W) x 0.5"(H)


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