Natural Born Cosmetics White Highlighter Pencil

Natural Born Cosmetics White Highlighter Pencil

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White highlighter pencils are a staple in any makeup artist's kit because they can be used in so many ways to achieve a brightened, lightened, enhanced, or heightened polished look to many eye makeup techniques and all eye shapes. 

This creamy formula blends smoothly and won’t tug or skip. Using a white highlighter always makes eye look more “awake” and refreshed, and sometimes even more youthful looking.  Great to use on mature eyes because it adds radiance and lift. White highlighters help to visually enhance the whites of the eyes so eyes look clearer with more sparkle to them when used around the eyes as an accent with other makeup products.  Try using some of the professional techniques listed below: • Use it softly on the inside of the lower lid to minimize redness, and give tired or darkness under eyes more brightness. Using a white eyeliner on the inside lower lid not only enhances the natural eye color, but it also makes the whites of your eyes more predominant, and under eye liner color more defined and crisp.

•  Place it in the inner corners of the eyes for more “pop” to the eyeshadow application and greater visual dimension to the eyes.

• Trace it gently above any eyeliner application to make eyes appear bigger, especially with small eyes.  When used on the upper lid, the white attracts light and opens up the shape of your eye, whereas a black liner alone can sometimes make eyes look smaller.

• It’s perfect to use on all skin tones as a finishing highlighter underneath the brow, and it will give greater lift and shape to any brow grooming by softly blending it underneath the arch on the brow bone.  It will also make any eyeshadow application pop when used as a brow bone highlighter.

• Use it to slightly alter a lip shape or accent a lip shape before applying lip color for stunning results.

• Dot it on any redness or blemish first to help take down the color before applying concealer or foundation.  It’s almost like a magic redness disappearing act!

Always use a high quality metal sharpener, to achieve a precisely pointed tip for the best professional results.  Put the pencil in the freezer for 15-20 minutes before sharpening to get a fine point without shredding.  
Geniune - Made in USA
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