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PPC FX Gelatin is great to use for direct to skin casualty simulation moulage.  No adhesives or glues are necessary for application because it sets and adheres to skin until gently lifted off or washed off with warm water.  Use it to create all kinds of character looks, or use it as a very quick adhesive for silicone and latex ready made appliances. 

 Follow these simple steps:

1. Heat bottle in hot water (between 120 and 130 degrees) until Gelatin becomes melted into liquid, then test temperature on wrist to make sure it's not too hot for the subject's face or body. 2. Apply gelatin to desired area and shape, swirl, smear, mix, etc., with a tool, such as the Wooden Handle Palette Knife, into desired effect until the gelatin has cooled.  It will now stay firmly in place but it will remain very flexible. 3. Add blood products such as Coagulated  Blood Gel, to finish out the look if desired.

4. Simply lift and peel off to remove or wash off with warm water when finished.  It washes completely clean from skin and clothing, however the red color may stain clothing so test first before applying on clothing.

PRO Tip:  Apply a bald cap and cover the bald cap with Gelatin to give the look of a melting head.  Or, use Gelatin as a direct to skin adhesive to apply a latex appliance, and surround or hide the edges of a latex appliance with the look of blood.  

 CAUTION: DO NOT MICROWAVE TO MELT GELATIN! Always melt slowly using a double boiler or a hot pot of water. Use extreme caution when applying melted gelatin to skin so to avoid any injury that may result from product that is too hot to apply.  Always test temperature for comfort before applying to skin.

NOTE:  Purchaser's use of this product is at their own risk. Paint and Powder Cosmetics assumes no responsibility or liability for purchaser's use of this product. Always follow instructions and pay notice to cautions in using this product.

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