Professional Velour Powder Puff

Professional Velour Powder Puff

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Professional Velour Powder Puff is the most demanded powder puff since the 1960's by film, print, and television makeup artists, and continue to be one of the top ten must-have tools for every serious pro's makeup artist's kit.  These super-soft and supple double sided velour puffs are easily foldable and moveable for both pressed and loose powder applications.

The softly cushioned design and material allows for an even distribution of all kinds of powders for a smooth finish.  The large 3.5 inch puff size is
 made specifically without the annoying satin band strap most professional artists dislike and the way other brands do, so you can use both sides of the puff instantly and conveniently.  The generous puff size allows it to hold a significant amount of powder to distribute a smooth and subtle layer, and to set much larger areas of makeup in a single powder application without disturbing the makeup.

These deluxe size puffs are the best quality you can find and extremely durable and reliable in performance, and they absolutely will not shed like other cheaper brands do.  Pros prefer to use this kind of puff instead of a powder brush to initially set foundation makeup with loose powder, and then keep it handy for maintenance touch-ups throughout the day.  
They are great to use for pressed powder applications or as a buffing/finishing tool, or applying a large amount of makeup remover.  They are also ideal for SFX powdering needs, and ideal for applying a makeup or adhesive remover in the removal of prosthetic appliances.  

Pro Tip: to load the puff the way professionals do: Sprinkle a generous amount of loose powder into the puff.  Gently fold the puff in half enclosing the powder, and rub all around the sides of the puff so that the powder gets embedded into the puff.  Shake off excess powder and gently press the puff onto the skin in a rolling motion to softly work the powder in to the makeup.  Dust off any excess powder remaining on face with a powder brush.

Dispose after use to avoid contamination.  Or, wash with mild soap by hand or machine wash in a lingerie bag on a gentle cycle.  Air dry only.

Diameter 3.5".  1/2" thick.

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