Royal and Langnickel Artist Palette Paper

Royal and Langnickel Artist Palette Paper

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Royal and Langnickel Artist Palette Paper is the most popular and frequently used palette paper by pro makeup artists for all kinds of wet or dry makeup mediums because of the high quality and performance it delivers at a super economical price.  These poly-coated papers are truly non-absorbent so it's perfect for use as a wet or dry makeup mixing palette, as absolutely nothing will soak through these thick and well coated solid sheets!  They allow you to scoop, pour, dab or scrape makeup on a sanitary work surface without your hands ever touching the product. 

These palette sheets are ideal for mixing and blending with any makeup powders, soft creams, semi-solid or even liquid cosmetics.  It is highly recommended for mixing mineral powders from jars and keeping them from becoming contaminated.  Once your product is mixed or blended you can then use your brush, sponge, puff, or other disposable applicator to apply from the paper to the face.

Above all, these paper palettes allow you to practice good sanitation procedures while handling cosmetics for mixing and blending.  It is never a hygienic process to mix product directly on the back of your hand or on your arms and apply it to another person, as you risk secondary cross-contamination with your own skin oils.  Safety and sanitation always comes first when working with people, and you can ensure your client's comfort and safety by using only the best possible sanitation procedures when mixing and blending.

The individual papers come in a handy "tear-off" pad that is portable in two convenient sizes - for small and larger content mixing.  After a makeup/painting session you can simply discard the bio-degradable paper and start with a fresh sheet next time you paint.  However it's very easy to clean (if your makeup medium is removable) and use the same sheet over and over again, by simply wiping the surface with a wet or dry paper towel.  You can use it many times over as a palette in for all kinds of makeup or art media, including oils and acrylics.

Use the Single Blade Flat Mixing Spatula, PPS-0010, or the wooden handle Palette Knife, PPS-1007, without your hands ever touching the product.  The Stainless Steel Mixing Palette, PPS-0009, is a great companion product for added durability, strength, and grip it provides underneath for mixing on the paper.  Be sure to use very gentle pressure when mixing, so as to avoid the metal blade end tearing the paper through.

The 9" x 12" Palette Paper Pad contains 40 sheets.
The 5" x 7" Palette Paper Pad contains 35 sheets.




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