Skin Illustrator Hair Aging Palette

Skin Illustrator Hair Aging Palette

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The Hair Illustrator Palette is handy to use for quick and long lasting hair touch-ups of any type, including side burns, moustaches, eye-brows, etc.  It can also be used on the scalp to help blend the hair or give hair a little more full bodied appearance. 

Age any color of hair easily, from a few years to a few decades with the Hair Aging Palette.  Use it to lighten or streak darker hair or to add highlights, which sometimes is required to eliminate the flat and/or dark look due to poor lighting conditions or film distortion.

This palette can be used in conjunction with the Skin Illustrator Warm Blonde Palette,
MM-1204, for more customized looks or effects.  Both of these palettes may also be mixed to get the best of both for your particular needs.

The colors in this palette include: Silver, Ivory, White, Yellow, Silver Green, and Peach.

The colors are waterproof and require very little or no touching up.   Can be applied with a brush or stipple sponge to achieve the effects you want. 

IMPORTANT: You must use 99% alcohol, such as Telesis ISO-Gel,
MM-1111, or REEL Creations™ Developer, MM-1182, to properly activate the color pigment.  Do Not use 70% alcohol, MEK, acetone, water, or any other kind of solvent.


"Skin Illustrator is a meticulously planned make-up system with rich colors that are capable of matching most skin tones. It is a permanent addition to the weapons system in my make-up armada."

Kevin Haney
Academy & Emmy Award Winner

"Nothing I've used before compares to Skin Illustrator. It's the ideal flesh tone color system that makes it easy to do anything. There's no need for mixing because all of the right colors are already made. It's great to use with rubber mask grease, old-age stipple and for color layering. There's really nothing like it...I just love it!"

Ve Neill
Three-time Academy Award Winner

"Obviously a lot of thought went into making Skin Illustrator. The colors have incredible adaptability and have been adjusted and balanced for film as well as to the eye. It's amazing what you can so with the Flesh Tone Palette alone!"

Todd McIntosh
Emmy Award Winner
"Buffy the Vampire Slayer"


Geniune - Made in USA

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