Body Double Life Casting Silicone Standard Set

Body Double Life Casting Silicone Standard Set

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Body Double® is an ACMI approved, skin-safe silicone rubber that reproduces perfect detail directly from the face, hands, or any body part.  Mixed 1A : 1B by volume (no scale necessary), Body Double® mixes easily and does not entrap air.  It butters onto the skin and holds vertical or inverted surfaces (i.e. under the chin).

There are two versions of Body Double on the market: FAST SET (with a working time of 90 seconds and cure time of 6 minutes) & STANDARD SET (with a work time of 6 minutes and cure time of about 20 minutes.  These times can vary slightly, depending on material temperature, ambient temperature, and body temperature during use.   

We currently sell Body Double® Standard Set at this time, and it is great to use for larger surface areas.  Body Double®
allows you to make a mold directly from a live model.  You are therefore capturing "first generation" detail from the model vs. second generation detail with the alginate mold process - assuming you want more than one casting.  Not having to make a second production mold from a one-off casting taken from an alginate mold saves valuable time, materials, and money. And being a platinum silicone, you can cast many materials into a Body Double® mold including resins, plasters, low-temperature melt metal alloys etc. - over and over again. Body Double® molds will last for years in your mold library with no shrinkage.

Body Double is a bit more expensive, but it all comes down to what your goals are for your project.  For many, making a temporary mold & getting one casting is all that is required. However being able to use a mold over and over again actually makes Body Double® less expensive to use when you consider the time and labor savings realized by making a mold one time and being able to use it again & again.  

Although Body Double® will not stick to human skin, it will encapsulate hair.  Body Double® Release Cream, MM-1338 , was developed to release the rubber from all surfaces including hair-covered human skin, and we strongly recommend using this product when life casting with Body Double® so that you have a clean release from skin and hair. See instructional video below:




For a Technical Bulletin on Body Double® click here.
For an Material Safety Data Sheet on Body Double® click here     

How much Body Double do you need?  For a handy visual coverage chart estimator click here.

Please note this kit is the STANDARD SET (Trial Unit), not the Starter Kit, so it does not come with bandages, Body Double Release Cream, mixing sticks or containers.

To purchase Gypsona Medical Grade Bandages, MM-1350, click here.
To purchase Smooth-On Body Double Release Cream, MM-1338, click here.

Kit contains 1 Pint of Part A and 1 Pint of Part B.  Net Weight: 2 Lbs.



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