Smooth On Derma-Tac Silicone Adhesive

Smooth On Derma-Tac Silicone Adhesive

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Smooth-On Derma-Tac™ Silicone Adhesive is fast becoming one of the most popular and widely used silicone glues in the SFX industry, and compares or exceeds in quality, characteristics, and performance to the leading brand - which is more expensive too.  This is a non-odor, one component pressure sensitive adhesive that temporarily bonds silicone and latex makeup prosthetic appliances securely to the skin. It is easily bushed – using a cotton swab, non-latex sponge or brush – directly onto the prosthetic and the skin area where the appliance will be glued in place.  Once the adhesive is completely dry, the prosthetic is placed directly onto the skin and pressing the appliance in place.  Because it is pressure sensitive, the firmer you press the better the adhesive bond strength with skin. 

Derma-Tac™ is non-toxic and safe for use on all skin types and tones, and Certified Skin Safe by an independent laboratory per OECD Test Guideline 439 - which tests for dermal irritation and inhalation levels.  No other skin adhesive on the market today carries this certification!  Anyone who has used the other leading brands of silicone adhesive knows that these are an expensive investment, and Derma-Tac™ costs significantly less for the same quality and performance.  Most other adhesives use ethyl acetate as the solvent carrier - which smells like nail polish or automotive paint. However, Derma-Tac™ uses only a skin safe medical grade solvent (NOVOCs™) as a carrier, which has no odor, and will not cause a rash or irritate even the most sensitive of skins.  It also doesn't contain any known carcinogens, reproductive toxins or cyto-toxins.

Once the skin is bonded firmly with the prosthetic Derma-Tac™ moves and flexes naturally with the appliance so you get the most realistic looking articulation.  This is especially important in areas of high stretch or movement, such as around the eyes and mouth.  For best results it is important that you shake the Derma-Tac™ container well before using, to ensure an even mixing of contents for best performance.  Clean the skin with soap and water or alcohol to remove any surface oils which may affect the bond of the Derma-Tac™ adhesive. Allow skin to dry completely before proceeding to the application.  After applying the adhesive to the prosthetic and skin, allow it
 to evaporate and dry down completely first before pressing the appliance to the skin.  It won’t maintain contact unless both areas are completely dry before pressing and bonding them together.

To view a video in applying and removing Derma-Tac™ Silicone Adhesive,  As with all Smooth-On products we strongly recommend that you thoroughly review Derma-Tac™ Silicone Adhesive Technical Bulletins and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) before using the product.  FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY.  Keep out of reach of children and pets.

You can download the Technical Bulletin by clicking here.
You can download the MSDS by clicking here.
You can download the Skin Safe Certification by clicking here.

To remove the appliance, use Derma-Tac™ Remover, which is designed specifically to remove Derma-Tac™ Silicone Adhesive.  Once the appliance and traces of the adhesive residue is removed the skin should be cleaned with a cleanser, such as Telesis Makeup Remover.  We recommend moisturizing the skin immediately after with Graftobian Derma Care Facial Recovery Balm, to pH balance, soother and restore skin texture.


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