Smooth On Silc Pig Silicone Pigments

Smooth On Silc Pig Silicone Pigments

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Silc Pig® silicone color pigments are extremely concentrated, and can be used for coloring Smooth-On Dragon Skin silicone products as well as TraumaSkin FX Silicone Sculpting Medium,  MM-1002.  These pigments can be used to create a variety of silicone color effects for a wide range of applications including special effects, prosthetics and orthopedics, making masks, toys, prototypes, and many others.

Silc Pig® Silicone Pigments can be used to add color to both tin-cure and platinum-cure silicone rubbers.   They are non-reactive dispersion fluids for RTV silicone applications.  Silc Pig® pigments offer excellent dispersion and consistent color, but do not chemically bond with the silicone rubber.  The 4 oz jars offered are a great value and will color a tremendous amount of silicone, or last a very long time.

Create your own custom colors by blending different Silc Pig® colors together.  Silc Pig® pigments are extremely concentrated, so a little goes a long way for intrinsic coloring.  Recommended loading range is .001% to 3% of total silicone system weight.  IMPORTANT! DO NOT overload silicone rubber with Silc Pig® or cure inhibition may occur.

Stir Silc Pig® pigment in its container thoroughly first before using, as a slight color separation can occur in container from sitting.   Attaining just the right color for your application may require trial and error testing, so a small scale test is always recommended before using substantial amounts of this material for any project.

We also offer Silc Pig® in a convenient color sampler pack, MM-1188, which contains all 9 colors.  This is an easy way to experiment with all the colors and determine which ones you will want more of in the larger 4 oz size.

Silicone products that are not pre-colored (or translucent) are much easier to color and require less pigment to achieve an effect versus those that are precolored.  Add Silc Pig® colorant to the Part B side of the silicone rubber system and mix well before adding Part A.  If this is your first time adding color to a silicone system, it is recommended that you test the color effect by adding a few drops to a small amount of material and observe the outcome.

We strongly recommend the use of a dry gas blanket, such as Smooth-On Xtend-It, MM-1275, to protect and extend the shelf life of moisture sensitive silicone products, such as Silc Pig®. This will ensure a longer shelf life after each use.  

IMPORTANT: For best results please read through the Material Safety Data Sheet and Technical Bulletin on Silc Pig® first before beginning any coloring project. Results will vary from one material to another.  The end user is solely responsible for determining color suitability and accuracy.  DO NOT USE this product to color urethane products!

For a copy of the Silc Pig® Material Safety Data Sheet, click here.
For a copy of the Silc Pig® Technical Bulletin, click here.

Please Note: The Blood color Silc Pig® is a specially compounded product to achieve the blood color so it is more expensive, as indicated below.

4 oz jar.


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