Special FX Trauma Pro Makeup Kit

Special FX Trauma Pro Makeup Kit

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Special FX Trauma Pro Makeup Kit

This kit is a great start for beginners starting in special effects or moulage. You get everything you need to create realistic special effects and trauma simulation makeup applications. Included is step by step full-color instructions from 7 different Special FX, Theatrical, and Character Kits to help you use this kit to create different kits.

Do you want a more guidance? Then watch the included Mass Casualty Training DVD, starring Emmy Award Winner Suzanne Patterson. It has over an hour of special FX simulation training. Whether you are a working makeup artist that needs a portable kit, or a special effects enthusiast who needs a special effects kit, this is for you!

Kit Contains:

  • Severe Trauma Makeup Creme Wheel: With 6 colors, 1 for a foundation skin shade and 5 for effects, such as bruising, breaks, contusions
  • Zombie Makeup Creme Wheel: With 6 colors in realistic FX skin shades
  • Modeling wax 1.75oz – Light Flesh
  • Modeling Wax 1oz – Blood Wax
  • Stage Blood 1oz
  • Blood Gel 1oz
  • Blood Paste 1oz
  • Magic Blood Powder
  • Spirit Gum 1/2oz
  • Spirit Gum Remover 1oz
  • 5 1 oz colors of Liquid Latex 
  • Liquid Latex Clear 2oz
  • Magic Set 2 oz with spray cap
  • Sultry Siren (Dark Plum) Lining Pencil
  • Black Lining Pencil
  • Brown Tooth Wax
  • Black Tooth Wax
  • Zombie Guts 4cc packs:  Black, Green, and White
  • Disguise Stix Hair Whitening Stick
  • 4 Assorted Latex Pieces
  • Crepe Wool Dark Brown 7″
  • Crepe Wool Light Grey 7″
  • 3 non-latex sponge wedge applicators
  • Stipple sponge
  • 2 FX Make-up brushes: Round and Flat
  • Makeup Remover 1oz
  • Black Soot Special FX Powder
  • Face setting powder
  • Large Velour Powder Puff
  • Mass Casualty Simulation / EMS Makeup Training DVD
  • 5 Full-Color Instruction Sheets, Including: Severe Trauma & Severe Trauma Deluxe, Zombie & Zombie Deluxe, Theatrical Student (Beards & Old Age)
  • Vinyl Zip Bag for Storage and Travel

Please allow 10-14 day for delivery. These kits are customized per order. Made in the USA 

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