Sponge Tip Daubers, 3 Sizes

Sponge Tip Daubers, 3 Sizes

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These sponge tip dauber tools are so easy to use, compact and versatile, and fit on your fingertips for fast and precise makeup work on skin.  They provide targeted control, delivering just the right amount of makeup medium where you need it.  They are perfect to dab or “stamp” in color for makeup stencil work, and they even make perfect circles wherever needed! 

All artists need these little beauties in their kits, whatever kind of makeup they do: use them wet or dry to apply primers or moisturizers to skin, apply or smooth out foundation work, or apply cream blushes.  They can even be used to apply eye makeup or to a final blending or smoothing out of any makeup application.

The sponge daubers have a rounded sponge tip for creating soft “airbrushed” effects on skin with a light touch, or use a firmer touch for more opacity results. They fit right onto your fingertip for precise and easy handling. Every artist needs a handy sponge daubing tool in their kit for those makeup tasks when a brush or bare fingers just can’t produce the right results.  They are fantastic to use to apply precise layers of all kinds prosthetic adhesives on skin or other surfaces.

These daubers are great not only for makeup applications but you can use them for all kinds of crafting needs, such as Tole painting, applying inks, stains, dyes and paints to various projects on paper, fabric, metal, plastic, and so much more.  Whatever color medium or work surface you use the dauber for, simply press the dauber into the color and apply with a quick dabbing motion on the skin or other surface.  When done rinse out the color immediately with water or a mild cleanser and allow to dry before storing.

Available in three sizes:
Small Dauber:
5/8 inch (16mm) sponge diameter1/2 inch (12mm) sponge diameter
Small Detail Dauber with Storage Cap:
1/2 inch (12mm) sponge diameter
Large Dauber: 1-5/16 inch (34mm) sponge diameter





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