Ultra High Quality Latex Bald Cap, by BGE

Ultra High Quality Latex Bald Cap, by BGE

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These handcrafted full size bald caps are made through a proprietary process from the highest quality and strength latex for a perfect professional fit and attachment to skin.  They are highly favored by makeup artists worldwide for stage and screen because of the ultra realistic results in the finished look of a bald character, and providing longer wear than other brands in continuity and performance. They are also perfect to use for life casting because of their superfine edges and ability to custom fit to any head.

The stretchy skin-like cap features a thicker crown area for more realism, and that graduates thinner downward into super thin edges for perfect adhesion.  Even if you trim as much as an inch off anywhere along the edge you will still have thin edges to work with, unlike other brands.  The extra length in the sides and back, along with a wider nape, allows for a smooth custom fit and ample coverage, especially for longer or thicker hair, and sideburns.  It also features a blending edge in the nape as opposed to simply a cut off edge for great professional results all the way around.

These bald caps are ideal for the novice artist because they get a very high quality experience and results, just like the pros want and do with these caps.  Once applied and glued down you can easily blend down the edges for professional realistic looking bald head result.  These caps work great with whatever your choice of edge blending would be, such as liquid latex, acrylic adhesive, adhesive blending paste, cabo-patch, or PAX paints, etc.  Finish the look by using a castor based rubber mask grease/creme makeup. 

Each package includes 1 - Latex Bald Cap and full application instructions. It does not come with adhesives or finishing products, which are sold separately.  For general directions see below:

1. For best adhesion, clean the skin area where the piece will be applied with alcohol.  If skin is sensitive to acrylic or resin type adhesives, apply a skin surface barrier product, such as Telesis Top Guard,
MM-1112, and allow to dry.  

2. Apply piece to skin with an adhesive.  For longer and more durable wear use a medical grade acrylic adhesive such as Graftobian Pro Adhesive,
MM-1004, Telesis Beta Bond Adhesive, MM-1107, or Telesis Beta Bond Plus Adhesive, MM-1108.  When ready to remove from skin use an appropriate adhesive remover such as Graftobian's Pro Adhesive Remover, MM-1005, or one of the Telesis Super Solv brand of adhesive removers that we carry, and listed here.  For economy or short term wear use the classic spirit gum adhesive, such as Graftobian Spirit Gum, MM-1049. When ready to remove, use Graftobian's Spirit Gum Remover, MM-1050.

3. After gluing down edges of appliance, you can blend out edges with a stippling of Graftobian's Clear Latex, MM-
1032, if desired.  Use appropriate makeup such as the Pro F/X Rubber Mask Grease Wheel, MM-1062, in Flesh tones to blend with skin.

Disclaimer: Paint and Powder Cosmetics provides this information in good faith, and is not responsible for how this information is used or mis-used by purchaser.  Purchaser takes full responsiblity for any risk in using these products.


Geniune - Made in USA
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