VUESET Star Nova 1 Section Storage Palette

VUESET Star Nova 1 Section Storage Palette

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VUESET palettes and cases have become an absolute favorite among makeup artists worldwide because they are hard working-hard wearing compact containers that are so versatile and functional for so many needs.  They can store a wide variety of products and tools in high quality heat-proof acrylic containers with a clear, all angle see-through view, and designed to neatly stack on top of each other. 

The Star Nova Storage Palette lets you condense space and save weight in your makeup kit or bag with more product.  This feather weight palette has a generous single compartment that is perfect for storing lip and eye pencils, smaller makeup brushes, mascara tubes, single eye shadow or blush pans, mini color palettes, disposable makeup applicators, and many other similiar sized items.  Wardrobe stylists and costumers love this palette as a storage case for all their smaller sewing and tacking items they have to carry around with them too!

The storage palette is slim sized with a super strong snap shut lid and constructed of tough wear heat resistant acrylic material.  The see through view lets you easily see the palette contents from a quick glance. 

These easy pack and travel containers were created for artists and stylists by veteran celebrity makeup artist, Brenda Green, as she knows firsthand the vital need for highly functional, hard wearing and versatile storage palettes and cases that allows you to lighten your load but with more product content!  Best of all these palettes stack neatly together with other VUESET palette and case styles, and won't spill or leak contents.  Palette is sold empty. 

Palette measures: 8.63" x 3.25" x .63"
/ 219mm x 83mm x 16mm.  Palette is sold empty.  NOTE: Using the microwave oven to heat and melt product directly in case is entirely at the buyer/user's own risk.  Paint and Powder Cosmetics is not responsible for any microwave damage to palettes.


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